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Coffee, Beignets, and More!

Conveniently located along the Mississippi River Road, the Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe is the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee, beignets, tcakes, and many other delicious items.   Our comfortable seating areas, both inside and out, offer a cozy atmosphere.  We're only minutes away from major tourism attractions such as Whitney and Evergreen Plantations.

T-Cakes and Pralines

With recipes handed down from our great-great grandmother, our t-cakes and Pralines have delighted the  local community  for 150 years.  Our products are steeped with delicious flavor born from our Afro-Creole heritage and traditions.  Whether sitting under our massive Oak tree or sitting in your living room, our t-cakes and pralines will deliver a taste of Louisiana you're sure to crave for 150 more years. 

Wednesday - Friday  9am-3pm
Saturday & Sunday - 9am-2pm
Closed - Monday and Tuesday
5593 Highway 18
Wallace, LA 70090

Legends and Lore Trail

The Pirate Jean Lafitte, the Loup Garou, and of course our namesake the Fille Foulet (Fee-Fo-Lay) are just a few of the colorful myths and legends shared along the Mississippi River in the parishes of St. John the Baptist and St. James. Visit the Local Legends and Lore Trail located on the Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe property to learn about these mysterious, colorful and mostly true tales of life along the River.
Loup Garou - French Werewolf
Legends and Lore Trail
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